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A Beginner's Guide to Clay Shooting

Holding the Gun

Your instructor will talk your through this prior to shooting, but here are a few tips.

  • Rest the stock firmly in your shoulder.
  • Place your cheek against the side of the stock.
  • Make sure you have a perfect line of sight down the barrel of the gun.

Shooting Stance

A good stance is critical, a correct stance will distribute the weight of the gun across your body, making a more natural shot.

  • For right handers,place your left leg forward, with your right foot at a right angle to your left foot. Left handers, do the opposite.
  • Position your upper body slightly forward.
  • Hold the gun firmly in your hand.

Readying your Shoot

Its always useful to have a few test releases to get used to the flight of the clay and to perfect your swing.

  • Find your clays origin, focus your aim here.
  • Take a test release, follow the clay to its descent. This will be your firing point.
  • Get accustomed to the swing of the gun between the two points.


The fun part, you've mastered the gun, the stance and line of fire, now you need to hit that clay!

  • Move slightly ahead of the clay as you follow it through the air.
  • Remember to keep your gun moving when you shoot, the clay doesnt stop moving, so your gun shouldnt either.
  • Stay calm, its not as hard as it looks!